Satellite studs by Jene Despain


Designer Jene deSpain
SKU: 61JD11

Product Details:

  • Minor Planets Collection
  • 14k gf Earrings with precious Mint Green Tourmaline Crystals
  • Custom select your color of Tourmaline
  • Approximately .75 inch in length
  • Hand-made in New York City 

Each piece from the minor planets collection is hand made by jené despain with attentive detail. she carefully selects tourmaline crystals, sourced directly from the family who sustainably mines them, and pairs these crystals with recycled fine metals. for centuries, various cultures have had different beliefs about what virtues tourmaline can bring to the wearer. it is one of the most significant gems for metaphysical use in its' wide variety of forms, colors, and energy spectrums. tourmaline is believed to strengthen the body and spirit, inspire creativity, and promote harmony and a stronger ability to communicate. worn individually or stacked to cultivate your own powerful statement, jené hopes you encounter love and beauty in the minor planets jewelry she creates for you.

Made in New York.